Who’s writing?

Photograph taken by my dad. (He's good at it.)
Photograph taken by my dad. (He’s good at it.)

My name is Alicja, and I’m now a 21 year-old student of Creative Writing and English Language. 

Thank goodness that formality is out of the way. I don’t like boxing people or myself. We aren’t a set of labels, all I care about is personality and what your mind comes up with.

When it comes to my ideas, during my course I’ve realised I’m a poet. You can find me reading out at different events in Leicester and Northampton. Although, I dislike spoken word. I don’t like being a puritain, but I just think it’s more enjoyable to read poetry than hear a rant being read out.

I hope you enjoy my blog, now that you’ve stumbled across it. I will be giving a lot of the writing tips that I find work for me, some reviews of events across Leicester and a dash of my personal work. I will  also share a bit of my personal life with you, (and if I can, I will post more cute pictures of my dog, so do stay around).

Writerly things aside though, I enjoy immersing myself in tea and its history. (I’m a bit of a tea geek.) Since starting university, I’ve gained some alright cooking skills, so perhaps I’ll show some recipies.  I’m also an amateur guitar player. I enjoy sitting down and playing the acoustic, singing some Lana del Rey songs or other.

As a person I’ve got an Oscar Wilde attitude, hence the name of my blog. If I ever do call out on something being wrong, I promise not to be too negative about it.

Thanks for coming over!

Any comments or suggestions?

Feel free to contact me.

Peace and Joy

Alicja x


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